Does Mind really matter? -The way I got to know that the answer was YES!- vol.2

This is a English version of my blog post; 『思考は現実化する』が本当かを突き詰めるため、仕事にも出ずに9年も真理探求をした結果、、、、『信じる力』が生まれ、神秘体験が繰り返されるようになった話 vol.2 ~自分で経験するしか無い!~

Translated by Tina Igarashi. Typed by James Igarashi.

“I got to experience…”

Actually, I heard the inner voices that had been telling me to listen to my own instinct and emotions, but I resorted to reading books instead. In other words, I sought the answers outwardly, not internally.

Then one day while having a meal, I came to read that the key to the mysteries lie within me, and thought I just need to get in touch with my own senses, emotions, and instincts. ESP, readings, channelling all came from that. Why don’t I meditate seriously?

However, wait a minute, there must be more convincing answers somewhere. Again, I found myself looking for the answers in books.I go to walk my own path – using all the knowledge I had obtained so far, and finally, I made a decision.

“It doesn’t matter whether or not mind is matter is real or suspicious. If I experience it once, that is all I need to know. I’m going to try everything from now on!

To come this far, two years have passed. Spent all that time to see the proof outside.
But more of many books, documents, weren’t wasted, rather this information supported the theory of spiritual world actually existing. I have spent a long time studying it, I was finally able to start my first step – It’d be a long road ahead.

Hypnosis Experience

I already knew from a scientific theory that the functions of right brain can be suppressed by the left brain. In order to cease this mechanism, I wanted to try hypnosis. Self-hypnosis.

Indeed, my arm was raised up on its own. Well I don’t need this level go hypnosis. I just want to see if it can make the unbelievable…believable. So I tried self hypnosis, autonomous training. Then I began to be able to do things just by thinking. But no matter how I try i could not fall deeply into being hypnotized, all due to my suspicious nature.

There was no improvement on my memorization test even when I was lightly being hypnotized. So, I went to see a professional hypnotist one day. I wanted to see if he could do better than me. “Huh? 20,000 yen for a session? For real?”

I wonder how much I should charge as a fee now that I can help others? But in the end, I charge nothing because my intention is to help people. I just want to help others as I was helped by others.

Well, I could not get a reasonable result from this session. Maybe hypnotism is just that – perhaps that’s the way it is, I may be hypnotized already without even realizing. Nonetheless, trying the hypnosis hadn’t done much to open the door for the mind is matter proof.

Make medication a daily habit.

I paid new attention to the meditations which has been spread throughout the world for the benefit of humanity. There must be a reason I began my quest. Well, What the heck is it? There are too many darned methods to meditate.

Eyes: Half open
close them completely

Posture: crossed legs
sit straight up
half crossed legs

Mantras: chant
chant internally
no mantra

Hand position: placed on knees
crossed arms

Focus: Nothing
think on some object such as the flame of a cande

See how contradictory from one method to another? I had to compare notes and come to my own conclusion, but it took time.

meditation, yoga, prayer, shaman ritual, hypnosis
all made me realize that I can pick and choose the methods as long as my left brain is at its peak of silence and calm.

This is so true – case in point; I am naturally meditating while working in the garden. But I tried everything until I finally achieved, every morning, every night, and during the day too.

Any change?
Well, to tel you the truth it was pure hell to continue meditation day after day. For my legs so numb, then pain, then falling asleep. Why and I doing this? What the hell for?

I couldn’t find the meaning of all this at this point. But you see, I’ve come to try experiments all the things I have read in books for so many years. I simply can’t give up. So I still continue in search of answers. Then gradually I began to catch on.

The knowledge I have gained.

does one’s eyes for things I see distract me.
half opened eyes prevent from falling asleep.
sitting position can be depended upon each individuals preference
one can lie down if that’s most comfortable
position of hands – it’s fine if one can connect with God almighty. thinking too much about the form can be distractive.
mantra – any method that’s comfortable is the process towards meditation state. So staring at the flame of a candle light would be ok too.

Monotonous lowers alertness, as you know you can fall asleep while riding in the train and bus. To make such condition in awareness intentionally counting numbers, tap the desk rhythmically.

Sun meditation might be one.
As I continued on, I realized no formal concepts are necessary and I feel free to do my own way. The free mind invited the true meaning of meditation. Then I began meditating without falling asleep. And the strange sensation started occurring from that point.

Meditation is for people with times on their hands…or so I thought. Now I was really into meditation. But it took me one to two years to change my attitude. It’s really simple if you one understand, but then I was trying the text book way.

Now because of my past trials and experiments, I do guide the meditation to others. As I began to pay attention to my own inner sense there changes started occurring gradually.
It’s like I scattered many seeds on a field and now they are growing. Roots deeply without showing the buds on the surface.
“Don’t be hasty, be patient.” One step at a time. My personal trail still continues. Then I started experiencing many things.

Mind is matter, my search for the truth gained more speed.