BEYOND Nature School

Welcome to Beyond Nature School!

We provide services just to make visitors happy, make visitors smile and their face shine!

Concept, Vision


Smile and Shine!

This is the concept of Beyond Nature School.

It’s quite simple. We just encourage people to follow their own hearts.
I help people understand that they can find the answers themselves.

When they understand that, their faces shine and they feel relieved.



We are trying to create the world that we feel safe and free.
The World that we don’t need to concern about economy, we don’ t need to feel shy to ask others for help.

Beyond Nature School shares the Farm land and the accommodation to People.

And, we could live when we have a land!

We could grow crops.
We could even build a hut to stay at night…

When people felt safe, that they could at least live, then they’d be able to do whatever they want.

That’s the movement Beyond wants to make!


Beyond Nature School (terakoya)

Beyond Organic Nature Farm

Earth Family

suggests that life would be much better if all the people feel that we are one family and that we should help each other….

To make the movement, Earth Family offers a chance to experiance how nice it is to be helped by others.
And also, how nice it is to feel when people thank you from their hearts, the people you helped…

Just check and use the Classified below!