Does Mind really matter? -The way I got to know that the answer was YES!- vol.4 Experiments on ChiKong

This is a English version of my blog post; 『思考は現実化する』が本当かを突き詰めるため、仕事にも出ずに9年も真理探求をした結果、、、、『信じる力』が生まれ、神秘体験が繰り返されるようになった話 vol.4 ~気功~

Translated by Tina Igarashi.

Practice on Chi Kong


It seems Chi Kong has the same feelings as “ the super power” in comparison. I decided to try this anyway even though I felt a certain suspicion and difficulty to understand myself. I found it incredulous to find there are so many methods to understand it. Some of them shocked me. I experimented with physical chi kong, serene chi kong, inner chi kong, external chi kong. I tried them all. With the serene chi kong I thought it was very similar to the idea of chakra of Yoga.


As I practiced consistently my fingers started a sensation of Chi which means energy. It could be my imagination but I gradually felt the energy in my chakra in the process. I was quite excited when I felt both chakra and energy, however, I really don’t think of it much any longer as my interest in this area had waned. But I never forgot to pursue the real purpose, that is to prove the truth in “Mind Creates The Reality”! It doesn’t matter whether you found chakra or energy, it could be a mere misunderstanding. I want to know whether I can accomplish something utterly great by mastering Chi Kong!


Distant Chi Kong


One day I saw a program on TV about “distant Chi Kong while I was still practicing it. It was reporting one can send the Energy to someone from some distance. ( to treat medically or have movement)

Of course I doubted that initially… “It’s fishy..suspicious…” I knew that I had to take off my colored glasses before I judge. I watched the program with my mind open.

And I also read some articles relating to this subject. This distance doesn’t mean a nearby distance, it’s about the distance from Japan to Australia. They say it still works. What’s more interesting is that one can send the energy to the strangers with only their initials. “Wait, there are people with the same initials in Australia!” How can they do that with such iffy information. As I watched this tv program they called someone in Australia and sent the energy over the phone. And they showed this Australian twisted his body when the energy was sent. I didn’t believe this as I admit I’m always doubtful. But I couldn’t completely negate it. I was able to accept the super power (esp) after many experiments on the idea of “thoughts and minds become reality”. I just wonder if it’s only your heart, mind doing all the work even though there are things you call Chi Kong, or Super Power, ESP. Then it makes sense that things happen.


I then got information that I could experience this in Tokyo. It would cost me a bundle just like the time I experienced hypnotism. Only if I could experience distant Chi Kong! So with much expectation I set up the experiment. I was guided to a small room where the monitor was placed and the master would send the energy from afar watching me through the monitor. As I stood in the room waiting for something to happen the top of my head started heating up. I thought maybe this is it. But in the end I couldn’t feel sure about this. My conclusion was that I had to do it myself. I didn’t get much from this trial period however the Chi Kong was able to help prove the theory Mind becomes reality. Yes, I was able to do this very distant Chi Kong later.

When I look back after many attempts I didn’t really need to follow the traditional methods to learn Chi Kong or Meditation. I realized that it was not important to the methods. It’s so easy to get distracted by these unnecessary things. We tend to find the truth and answer too quickly if you follow the conventional style. I came to realize also that thoughts and ideas had become simple as I pursued further into the spiritual world.


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