Does Mind really matter? -The way I got to know that the answer was YES!- vol.10 Miraculous Experiences And Messages

This is a English version of my blog post;
『思考は現実化する』が本当かを突き詰めるため、仕事にも出ずに9年も真理探求をした結果、、、、『信じる力』が生まれ、神秘体験が繰り返されるようになった話 vol.10 ~繰り返される神秘体験~

Your Faith Is in You

When you have faith in yourself the reality of your life would be that of your ideal. I can say that because I was able to see the reality I earnestly desired and hoped. I did try hard to have faith.
I acknowledge the difficulty to have faith but it surely grew stronger with much effort over the long time. And finally I began to believe in my own instinct rather than what’s occurring in front of me.
I wasn’t confident enough yet though. I wondered whether I would gladly accept my own death.

One day, I had a dream. I was in the meeting at a certain office building. There’s smoke outside in distance. I said to people at the meeting “ hey there’s a smoke! It was still far from there. But it started coming toward us and now we could hear the roaring sound. There is an explosion nearby and it looks like it’s going to swallow our building. “Oh no! I’m going to die?! Must be hot and painful!” Then I started laughing suddenly when the death was near, saying Oh great, I can lose my heavy physical body and return to a mere spirit! In my dream I accepted my death. I woke up and was impressed with myself.
“I am ready! I can accept any reality! My anxieties had melted away.

Miraculous Experiences And Messages

Since my turning point I continued my happy life and I’d like to introduce you to some interesting happenings.

The answer comes first.

If you think time passes from the past to the future it might be hard to believe.
Things happen without explanations. “The answer comes first” is what I’m talking about right now.
It happens so often as if it’s normal. When the iPhone 4 was available I ordered it in advance. The sales clerk said he wasn’t sure when it’d arrive, maybe a month or more”. After a few weeks I looked at the calendar and thought if I could get the iPhone by the time I leave town to Nagano. It looked to me the day of July 11 was printed larger than the other days. And it wanted to tell me something. I told my wife it would arrive on July 11th. If I was right she could also experience the “answer comes first.” with me. Lo and Behold, I got a call from the store and my iPhone arrived from SoftBank.


In 2011, I had a vision of farmland and I decided to start it. It was a message. I searched a place for my plan through Google Earth. I found it in the city of Kitamori in Yamanashi prefecture. I then contacted an organization called Agricultural Promotion Association to find the land to farm. I was walking one day holding my 9 month old baby in the city – it’s been almost half a year since we moved to that city. I was looking at the structure of the shrine gate in front of the shrine. I was interested in studying architecture as I wanted to build my house and such. Then I noticed some cards pasted on top of the gate. One of them said “Ogasawara”, and the word stuck out not visually but spiritually. (might be hard to understand in words.) “Ogasawara??” I didn’t get it but it must have meant something. I guess I’ll find out why” later. I didn’t persist to find the reason but knew the answer would come eventually.
Several days later I got a call from the association. There are two candidate properties, one is in XX in Sudama City, another one is Ogasawara in Akino City. This is where I opened my Farm.

First In Juku School

At that time I wasn’t aware but surely I experienced “The Answer Comes First” incident. I was senior in high school then. “ Well, I think I’ll be the top student at this Juku (Cram School). I was sure about it when I looked around the class. And I became reality as I aced it with a score of 75 from the bottom 31 in half a year. You can read this story in the previous article. (Making study habits a fun game! It’s great to have 0 on your exam!)

Losing Weight In No Time

People say the calorie consumption must be greater than its intake. But to me it was nonsense. Many friends said I gained weight after I got back from Vancouver. I was truly heavier when I got on the scale.
And I had a wedding to go to. My pants were tight. I could use a hook to wear it but it was so tight that I couldn’t sit down without losing it. And I had this love handle on the side. “Oh My! Did I really get this far?! Oh gee, I need to lose weight…but I also felt this would be a good chance to increase my power to believe. I chose to lose weight with my faith rather than counting calories. You’d know what I did already from the past experience. Several days later I found a skinnier self in the mirror. I had no love handle and was able to wear the same pants easily. I could put the diet companies into bankruptcy if my method became widely known.

Dragonfly Lands On My Finger

A big dragonfly flew by us as our family was walking in the forest while we stayed in Nagano. My oldest daughter was 3 at that time and missed the chance. I wanted her to see it and felt the urge to stick my finger up then. The dragonfly disappeared into the different path and flew away. “It’s too far to come back this way.” Even though my finger was sticking out I didn’t think it would come back. And then! The dragonfly made a u-turn flying back the same route and landed on top of my index finger! That was amazing. I was able to show it to my daughter after all. I was really surprised because things I didn’t believe happened. But you know, even though I said I didn’t think it’d happen my finger was surely out there for it to land!! I knew there’s no such thing as impossible.

Am I Moses?

The next episode was an experience that blew my mind. It was as if a world of mythology began in front of my eyes. On my way back with my friend from snowboarding and skiing, a heavy fog appeared – it was so thick we couldn’t see anything. By the way my friend is familiar with my experiments. “ Oh yeah, there’s a fog because you think there is. You can make it go away, you know it’s possible. As I was saying this I visualized splitting the fog right in the middle of it. And waved my hands as if I scattered the fog away.

What happened next was shocking! The very person who did this got shocked. The fog in front of us split into two in the middle with the same movement of the hands. My friend shouted from behind, “What did you do?! What the hell is that?!” “Ha ha, I don’t know. But things like this happen to me. But this one surprised me even.”

These episodes are just a few out of other incidents.
By this time, I was sure of the mental power.
Or Mind power.

And what I have been doing since then, it’s not like I used the power for my own
gain. It didn’t go that way.

Rather I don’t have any urgent sense of doing anything right away to change the current situation. I feel very comfortable in this way. Why? I’d tell you in my next article.

Things you are aware

Don’t worry a thing
Just take a step, step after step
it’s okay to get lost
or go back the way you came

But do not forget
your true desire and destination
will be there

Your dream will come true
even if you can’t see the sign
it’s okay for its root is growing
much more stronger

Just take a step and go on forward
and you’ll see the sprout of your dream
when you are only aware


1. Your power to believe and have faith will grow without worries
2. When your faith gets stronger things start happening
3. Even when you are able to use the special power you will choose the different path