Does Mind really matter? -The way I got to know that the answer was YES!- vol.11 The way I shoud take

This is a English version of my blog post;『思考は現実化する』が本当かを突き詰めるため、仕事にも出ずに9年も真理探求をした結果、、、、『信じる力』が生まれ、神秘体験が繰り返されるようになった話 vol.11 【完】 ~進むべき道~

Your Thoughts Surely Reflects In Your Current Situation

After many years searching for the proof of the theory, “Thoughts Become Reality”, I have come to believe in it. It is true. The reality certainly reflects your thoughts. Now that I am aware of this truth, did I start changing my reality for my gain? The answer is opposite. It never occurs to me to use my power just to change the circumstance on purpose. The reason was my perspective has changed from that of the beginning.

Should I Become A Healer?

I began to consider after being able to cure my wife and her friends’ physical illnesses. Should I become a healer? My answer was “no”. I would do so if it were at the beginning of the search.
But my perspective and value have changed. I could do much better than healing others!

I wanted to tell people that you can indeed heal yourself without others to help you. Once I had set up on line non-profit helpline. But it didn’t last a year.

When There Is A Hospital, There Are Patients

The reason why I quit the help line was because there would be patients when you build a hospital.
People who came to see me didn’t have the same attitude with me. I wanted to tell them they could cure your own self but they only wanted my help. Their attitude was “I’m your patient, prescribe me a medication.” Even when I tried to convince them to change their own behavior or mind, they’d say “why should I do that? I am the victim. You should be the one to heal me.”

I began to feel discomfort. I started meditation once again and waited for the sign of the right path.
I just want to help people. I want to use my rare talent and skill and they should be beneficial to others.
“Counseling room” may be mistaken. What should I do now?

Smile and Shine!

the two words began swirling in my head suddenly. These words, “Smile” and “Shine” were spinning inside of my head repeating like CM songs. It was subtle at first and couldn’t be heard clearly. I listened quietly and I grasped its meaning and it gave me a tremendous spirit as if my soul was shaken.

“Smile and Shine” That’s it! That’s what I wanted to tell people!! And to think I was explaining my learning with wrinkles between my eyes! This is also another huge miraculous experience which made me realize an important message.

I don’t need to establish a hospital…just smile and shine always. It is fine if and when people who are interested in what I do come together here or spread my work through them. That would be just fine!!
With this concept I established a current operation called “Beyond Freedom School”. (There is a serious meaning other than this concept.)

Yes, I quit the hospital project. And the place had become an open space for organic farms for people.
(In fact this came to be as a result of my miraculous experience.)

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Search For The Truth More Than Developing One’s Ability

Let me explain as to how my value has drastically changed from that of the beginning.
At the beginning, I thought it would be super if I could control the phenomenon with mind control if the theory “Mind Matters”. While I was searching for the answer and desperate to get it, my quest didn’t end in just finding the answer but to get the fundamental truth. “What is the truth? Why am I here? What the heck is this world about?” My journey began looking for the way to develop my mind.
Then it had turned into searching for the philosophical, and finally it became “Searching for the truth” only. In my case my purpose was always simple. I just want to be happy! No matter my situation was good or bad, my goal to be happy never changed. Ultimately “you don’t really need the ability if you are truly happy.”

All Is Well – Mind Control Is Unnecessary

My keen interest in developing my mind somehow subsided but I still searched for the supreme truth.
And I obtained the answer later on. I have to skip the part which is generally too difficult to understand in terms of Search for the Truth, I lost interest completely in controlling the phenomenon using mind. Actually I became very happy without the urge to control anything. This condition of myself I call it “beyond”, (Beyond concerns)

Condition Beyond Anxiety And Worry

You can’t really experience it if you feel a need to control things, but if you experience it even a little, your value will change greatly. It will be so much fun if I can spread this idea. This is what’s on my mind 24/7. Recently added “Terakoya for your soul” after Farm. Organic Farm Beyond, a Terakoya for your Soul”. If people are able to understand the pattern of awareness and common knowledge the learning pace will quicken. I am most pleased if I can assist in your growth.
Also our place has been creating the environment so as not to worry about food or place to stay.
This is a place to relax, place to face your own self, examine your inner thoughts in the peaceful way. Of course I can’t do it alone and I am always seeking volunteers!( For Cultivation, repair the old houses, growing veggies, processing, Cafe, and share house etc.) And interesting things are happening now at Beyond.

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I am truly grateful for the meaningful experience. I am appreciative everyday.


  • Never forget the real quest for happiness
  • Your anxiety will disappear when you realize there’s no need to control anything.
  • Smile and shine always. Happiness is contagious.