Does Mind really matter? -The way I got to know that the answer was YES!- vol.5 Psychic reading

This is a English version of my blog post; 『思考は現実化する』が本当かを突き詰めるため、仕事にも出ずに9年も真理探求をした結果、、、、『信じる力』が生まれ、神秘体験が繰り返されるようになった話 vol.5 ~リーディング~

Psychic reading

I have in the past received a reading by the psychic channel. I probably thought it was a fraud or something if it were several years ago. But it turns out the reading helped increase my “Power of belief”. There are a number of articles about “channeling”. And a lot of fortune-telling rituals with messages; Akashic records, Agastia leaf, shaman, and exorcism. Then, auto writing, possession, dream interpretations, etc. There are some suspicious staff too, still I didn’t regard all are untrue.

The reading was given to me from my younger sister’s close friend. This lady I call “ms. K” has been giving readings for many and a lot of them said she amazed them with accuracy. Her readings included my sister and her husband’s which told me she’s a good psychic. A friend of mine lost a lot of money in stock recommended by a certain psychic in the past, I was confident that no one could make me lose control of my life so I decided to try this psychic.

I went to see her several days later but Ms.K was surprised to see me. She didn’t think I’d come for a reading. I asked why. She said she didn’t think I needed any reading because I pretty much know the truth, that is things happen to me just merely thinking in my head. That was her answer. I always knew somehow by thinking the ideas would be reality. But at this time I didn’t have much confidence in it. I thought many happened coincidentally.
She said she’d answer the questions of my concern through the spirit in her body. Well, I told her I want to see proof of the unseen world. Does it really exist? I simply wanted to know regardless of my past life or anything else. Reading began and she started with my past life. The content of it was out of this world. Her clients were told of their relatively peaceful past life, not that like Cleopatra or Napoleon, but just regular people with regular jobs. And then she said I was a super magician. That was my past life! According to her reading I was able to do alchemy, ability to realize the desire into reality and had many followers. But then many started to take advantage of his power he stopped his effort to spread his teachings.

Power similar to that of Jesus Christ

About this time I received my first psychic reading, I had a great interest in the miracles of Jesus Christ. I used to think of them as mythology but my attitude has changed as I had been able to gain similar abilities. So I asked Ms. K about it.
Me: I have been really curious about the miracles caused by Jesus Christ and I was wondering if I was able to use that ability back in my past life.

Ms. K :Yes. You were using the power regularly and you can still do it today. Your mission is to spread this truth.

Hm. My reading is so far fetched from other clients….

(It makes sense! This answer was truly over the top but I could accept it easily. Because I had a sneaky suspicion that I might be able to have some miracles. And interestingly I’d come to know I could truly make miracles later.)

Making people happy by passing by them

My question continued:

Me: I just want to be happy. That’s all. I want to show people how to make themselves happy. But I still haven’t gained any skill or confidence to accomplish that goal.
Ms. K You will be able to within several years. And things greater than you ever thought of will happen. Without words you can make people smile and happy just by passing by you.

(This answer was shocking. Making people happy by just seeing me or passing by me…! I never thought about that. I became quite elated thinking that I’d accomplish that too. When I had a chance to talk about this incident to a colleague from the company I used to work with, he said “you had that air always.” His words were encouraging. )

Well getting back to the reading, I still have doubt whether the contents were correct. There’s no way knowing. So I pursued our conversation trying to find the proof.

Me: If I was a wizard what about my sisters, and my wife?

Ms. K Your wife was one of your followers.
Me: Really? unbelievable yet make sense.

Yes, my wife was like one of the followers when we met and began dating. When I said I’d like
a wife who can cook if I ever marry someone. She went to cooking school immediately and also learned how to bake bread.

I like tennis and said to her it would be nice if we could play together till our old age. Then she started tennis school. When I mentioned that I’d like to play trumpet too in the future. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to play music with family in the beautiful forest, field like that movie “Sound of Music?” She told me she gave it a thought to go to Yamaha music school. Therefore, it made sense to me that she was a follower in the past life. Later on, my sister wanted to know how the reading went. I told her about my wife being my sect follower. She was amazed. My sister was teaching Yoga to my wife recently and asked my wife to visualize 3 things in mind. 1. Who does she respect the most; (my husband), 2. What is your most favorite thing; (my husband), 3. visualize God: (my husband)!

Hmmmm….she acts like a follower but to think of me as God? Well, she must have been truly my follower. In retrospect this type of experience has valuable messages. Sometimes things happen as if it is perfect timing as if everything were proven to be true.

More important than readings

What’s important here is not my past life or to have sure proof of its accuracy. I used to value them before but not now. To me it was more meaningful to be able to completely believe, without a trace of doubt. This reading was important to me just to experience it. Besides there were more things Ms. K told me to which I would not mention here, her reading was accurate enough to enhance my confidence.
I could believe in my power and cause miracles. (I must mention that not all prediction was correct here. It could cause you to pull away and close your mind if you rely on the reading only). I only recommend the reading as a grain of salt and enjoy it as an entertainment.

By the way, there were a few things in the reading that were totally opposite from what I always felt about myself.. She said I was the only one who could use the special power, to make things happen but no I don’t think so. I’m in no way special. I was able to do it because I was dead serious about it. I know other people could do what I did if they tried. I would like to tell people this fact and experience in real life. There will be more people who will experience what I know and I am not the only person who has this special ability.


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