Does Mind really matter? -The way I got to know that the answer was YES!- vol.8 Thinking Experiment part2

This is a English version of my blog post;
『思考は現実化する』が本当かを突き詰めるため、仕事にも出ずに9年も真理探求をした結果、、、、『信じる力』が生まれ、神秘体験が繰り返されるようになった話 vol.8 (思考実験その2)

Yet Mental Experiment wasn’t enough for me to be completely sure, even after I saw 10
Jaguars… wasn’t completely sure if that was the result of my experiment. I continued my search by meditating and other methods. I’d like to introduce another experiment I had done at that time.
It’s not that I did it frequently. I did it only when I felt like it. The reason was that I knew it was useless to do it all the time. It’s not about the practice with frequency. It’s about the visualization of your inner thoughts. Somehow I knew I would succeed when I was able to visualize. I had enough failures when the experiments were doubtful, in a dark cloud. I know there are many who can’t succeed due to the fact they don’t understand “the law of attraction”.

My Wife’s Stomach Problem Solved

One time my wife had a severe stomachache. She’s relatively healthy and it was rare to see her ill.
“I wish I could do something to help her. She is in such a pain..” Of course I thought this way but there was a stronger feeling than that. “It seems she is suffering. Or does it seem only suffering? If I am visualizing this and if I change the vision I wonder if she gets better..?”

I was excited with my thoughts, even though my wife was really sick. I went upstairs and began my meditation. I did Chi Kong with my meditation and treated my wife. I saw a black fuzzy mass in her stomach. I visualized pushing it away with my Chi out of her body. I felt like a good boy doing a good deed. “Ok, this is enough”. Then I went downstairs with confidence. And I found her doing her normal house chores. I pretended as if I didn’t do anything and asked her if she felt back to normal. “ Oh yes, I’m fine now” was her simple answer. I explained what I did to her. “Well you might not believe it but I saw a black mass in your stomach. I pushed it out with Chi Kong and it disappeared making a deflating sound.” And surprisingly, she said she heard that sound too. It made her weird. “The fact is stranger than the novel”.Her response saying that she heard that deflating sound gave me more confidence.

Arguments Turned Into Comedy

I gained my confidence in my beliefs for sure after curing my wife’s stomach ache. I’d like to mention one of the miraculous happenings as a result of establishing confidence in my power to believe. My in- laws were fighting back and forth arguing downstairs. I could hear it from upstairs. Then I gave myself a sign “Go!” to my mental experiment. My hope is peace among men. It’s not about stopping this argument, rather change my thoughts and help them to having a good laugh at each other would be
great!” Of course I got excited with this opportunity. This is a good chance! To change my own mind and hence change what’s around you. Oh it’s so interesting and exciting! But it was a bit difficult as I could hear their commotion from downstairs. However, it was a mere drama to be more excited for me.
“Hehe, it’s only my thinking that I seem to hear that noise. It’s like my eardrum trembles and I hear. Then I can tell my brain that I cannot hear. I don’t hear anything.” Thankfully I had a good habit of doing crazy things.
I heard no noise during my meditation. I created images of peaceful in-laws and the vision reflected their laughter.

I went downstairs with excitement. There I found both of them laughing and talking!!

You might think it’s just a coincidence. But there’s a background which I am sure it is not mere coincidence from. There were times they fought before but this was the first time they laughed afterwards. They usually end up in the separate rooms and stop talking. It required some time to pass till they got back normal. “Wow, suddenly they are close and even laughing. “ “I’ve never seen them like this before. Did I make it happen?? People always say you have to act to change but I discovered you can make things happen by just thinking. Scale came off my eyes.

Thoughts And Objects

You can move objects with your mind

It was apparent to me that the importance of how much power you have in your mind before I started all
those experiments. There’s a tremendous power when you really put your mind and effort but the oppo
-site is true. There’s no power when you don’t feel like it. How true it is to say, “sickness comes from your mind”. These understandings were only for me and I never thought I could apply it to others’ influence without much effort. And now gradually my perspective has been shifted through it all. My thoughts can influence others indirectly. Then I began to experience something even more later.

“It’s not only for me, but to others…no, I shouldn’t limit this only people? How about objects? It would work on things by my mental power! I had already experienced my own super power move in reality in the past. It was easy to accept this idea. Although I had to admit I didn’t have much confidence yet.

Then a chance to experiment came while I was in Vancouver. My laptop adapter didn’t work. I tried it on and off by putting it in and took it off from it for two days. I almost went to get the new one at the store.
Then again that exciting feeling came to me! I knew what it meant already when this excitement came.
It was time to challenge myself to make it happen real from my mental power. “Well, I guess I’m being tested.
I know it’s easy to fix just by getting a new adapter. But I have to try first. I have to give it a try to fix it with my power. I thought I heard the words to go ahead. I began mediation. I visualized the sound of “on” when I inserted an adapter into my laptop. And I imagined the computer’s now operating. The time has come! My heart was beating fast when I told her I’d try my adapter now. Wouldn’t it be great if it works now? I put the adapter into the laptop, then I heard the sound – It was on!

This is volume 8 and you might think it was easy sailing so far. I had written my journal so that you might be able to use this to increase your motivation if you want to try it yourself. However, it wasn’t easy. Nothing was accomplished that easy. I’d like to write my struggles in my next journal. And I hope to make you understand it is a step to progress while you have such struggles on the way.

I’ve had so many bitter experiences before to which I am very grateful for it. It’s great to have this experience in the end.


1. Listen to your inner voice
2. You cannot succeed the experiment when you are in the dark
3. Your power and motivation will increase when you got it right