Does Mind really matter? -The way I got to know that the answer was YES!- vol.7 Thinking Experiment

This is a English version of my blog post;
『思考は現実化する』が本当かを突き詰めるため、仕事にも出ずに9年も真理探求をした結果、、、、『信じる力』が生まれ、神秘体験が繰り返されるようになった話 vol.7 (思考実験その1)

So far I have been able to make the impossible possible in things I myself thought would be impossible to do.
But it seems that my “inner eyes” had a great impact on the phenomenons. I decided to prove the truth of “Mind becomes matter” by experimenting my thinking. I knew I had to put my serious mind into it. Nothing would work if you don’t have 100% intention to make it happen with clear thinking. Am I ready?
No sure yet…but haven’t I go through wondering enough? And I have been looking for the answer full time!
It’s about time to get the answer!

My first “Thinking Experiment” had a deep effect on me! I felt all my beliefs had broken into pieces. It was when we as family came back from Shizuoka to Kanagawa we decided to go to the nearby bookstore with my child in a stroller. I prayed in earnest that the Lord good God would reward me with an answer. “God almighty, please show me the sign!, even if it’s a small hint!” “I’m on my way to the bookstore with my family, please show me 10 Jaguars if you approve my life.” People may think of me crazy without a regular job and pursuing things this nature. My mind was full as I pushed along the stroller. It’s only a distance of 2 kilometer, and I’m asking 10 Jaguars! It’s rare to see that make of car, and ask for 10 of them.
If I think there’s no way that would happen and didn’t happen in reality, it is indeed true what you think becomes reality too. I was half way down to the bookstore. My heart started feeling heavy – that my prayers couldn’t be easily answered. Then! There was one Jaguar in the garage of the house beside me. Whoa! Only one jaguar so far but my heart danced. Wait, it’s too soon to be excited. We were walking down the hilly road, I saw a Jaguar driven by me. As I passed through the residential to the main street a Jaguar drove by. 2 Jaguars one after next. Then there was another one in the parking lot,
and saw 6 more Jaguars passed by within 100 meter range in the street. Well my walking with the family sort of blew away from me. I was deep in my thoughts. “Thinking experiment” was all about this walk.
Another 400 meters to go till we get to the bookstore.
“Wait, wait, wait, just wait! Jaguars had appeared mysteriously. So far, there are 8 of them. It’s strange if it ended with 8. It’s encouraging still but I asked for 10. What would happen from here?”
Oh no, it’s probably not possible to have 2 more with the remaining distance. And then a car passed by and it was Jaguar written on the back of it. That’s when my heart began heating up. A mere 100 meters to the bookstore now.
What is this? Am I causing this phenomenon? Now I see the bookstore sign. I’m almost there and I saw 9 thus far. What is this subtlety? Then the idea popped in my head. “Just a minute. If I am making this reality? If I were a director of this reality? How would I place 10 Jaguars. I would not place them 10 of the side by side like Jaguar fan club members would do. There is no drama in that set up. I’d arrange for them to get frustrated and irritated. And make it difficult to find it. And now it’s happening as I thought it would be! This was indeed a message from almighty God! This was the same message l had when I was studying furiously toward the college entrance exam in high school. “If I can’t use my right hand I have a left hand”.
So I almost arrived at the bookstore. I looked at the parking lot there and of course, one more Jaguar was parked… I still remember my own shock. It seemed I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.
As I was entering the store Jaguar exited the parking lot. That was the perfect timing! Just too perfect!

I could be the one making this phenomenon. It’s not coincidental. It’s too well done if it’s coincident.
If so it all makes sense about the mysterious happening in the past. This incident had given me a great confidence to believe. But not 100%, so my pursuit for mental experiment continues.


1. Your earnest prayers can be heard
2. Don’t give up – there’s a light at the end of the tunnel
3. Your life, value would change if you believe “Mind creates reality”


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