Does Mind really matter? -The way I got to know that the answer was YES!- vol.3

This is a English version of my blog post; 『思考は現実化する』が本当かを突き詰めるため、仕事にも出ずに9年も真理探求をした結果、、、、『信じる力』が生まれ、神秘体験が繰り返されるようになった話 vol.3 ~超能力?!~

Translated by Tina Igarashi. Typed by James Igarashi.


The story of “How I practiced and searched for the truth in “Mind is Matter” for 9 long years without any job…I gained solid belief and faith in it and the miracles have occurred repeatedly.”

My first experiment came from my ongoing question about the” unseen world”
for the last several years. I challenged “Super Natural Powers” then. The reason was that I did not, could not, accept that idea of things unseen because of lack of the scientific proof. I wasn’t ready to accept it at all at this point. But at the same time, I needed to challenge it and my perspective about this issue. However, in order to move forward with this challenge, my past collections of evidence helped, and that shifted me to a neutral position from the refusal to believe. I thought it shouldn’t be so strange whether it’s real or not.

Well, where do I begin? Even though I was a bit warmer to the idea I still didn’t think I could tap into the supernatural. If you don’t believe it, then nothing could happen, then I have to believe to make it possible. I had to change my thinking.
First trial was “Dowsing”. This is the method of the pendulum and metal wires being used by using your subconsciousness. It made sense when I change the word “super natural power” to “subconsciousness”. My doubts faded a bit. And also this method can be used by anybody!

There’s an article that states dowsing is used to detect the location of the water pipe underground in England. (I guess I have to do this if I were an employee there). It’s possible for sure.
I found that you can use anything as a tool for dowsing. So, I decided to use pendulum first. Why? Well, why not? I began to practice in order that my body and pendulum start reacting against each other. I set the rules as Yes for clockwise motion and No for counter clockwise. If the pendulum goes sideways it is for None of The Above. While I asked myself rhetorical questions and found answers to them, I swung the pendulum clockwise and counterclockwise. I must keep at it till I could do it naturally. (But what am I doing this during the day while I should be working…?) I decided to test something else after I got better at it.

Next, I tried “finding the right one out of 7 cards”. I wonder if I get it right all of them? Of course, I knew it wouldn’t work except that one in seven would hit it right. I kept practicing making myself get excited with the success and totally disappointed with failure. Often, I asked myself what the merit of doing this was.

I started experimenting various way, separating cards into two, then again separated that two groups into 4. OK pendulum move to “Yes” when the right card is there! I repeated this exercise. And I got it right, but failed many times over and over. There was not much of a significant difference. I wouldn’t give up my experiment at all even then.
I speak my own language flawlessly now, but it took a long time to master it since I was a baby. The dowsing can be mastered after much effort. (The English water district agents are already doing this easily). I kept going with my practice.


Even though I tried hard practicing, I had a strong doubt in my mind. No wonder I didn’t succeed.
I needed to find other ways which would not cause doubts. It’s hard to hit the right card from 7 of them from the beginning. But if I divided 7 cards into two groups of 3 and 4 – this seemed easier to hit the right card. If the possibility is 50% it might hit one easily. I began to try this lightheartedly, dividing the cards into 2 more groups after hitting the right card. Well, it’s 50% possibility…so I took another step to try with only two cards at the end. This simple trial went well, I felt. “Oh, it looks like I’m getting it.” I was able to hit the right one twice consecutively, but not 3rd. Besides It’s not a miracle to get right with so many trials when the odds are one in 7.
I started noticing something as I kept going with my trials even though I was still doubtful. And the thing I became aware had a great importance. Later I gained the core knowledge toward “Mind is Matter” because I got many small facts along the way.

There was a huge difference with my thoughts when I succeed and fail. But then again, I already knew that from the books. However, I noticed the difference because of my instincts. It’s the difference between heaven and earth! I’ve been reading books after books looking for the answer and yet I was full of doubt. But now, I experienced the fact with my own sense. “Oh, so that’s how it is”. I was just happy realizing this point by dowsing. Interestingly, dowsing trials made me realize the important thing faster than meditations. And further interesting fact that there was more important meaning to do mediation than being able to use Super Natural Power. (will discuss this later)

Ok, get back to dowsing topic.
When I was exercising dowsing with cards, I was able to hit the right card twice consecutively but was unable to hit it third time. I realized my attitude was different when I tried to get the right card the third time. “I wondered if it was at all possible.” That’s the thought I had before I tried to get it for the 3-consecutive success. By this time my doubts toward dowsing waned yet I still had this doubt if I could do it for 3 succession. I decided not to try that when I have this doubt. I stopped this exercise altogether for now and would do it only the several exercise when I want to.

I thought to myself that it was accurate to say there was a definite difference in my attitude when succeeded and failed. The reason was that I was able to get the right answer at the last two cards every time beginning from the 7 cards to 4 and 3 and by taking steps this way. I knew by this time that it was not regular seeing the probability.

My realization of the fact that the results vary by the way I feel and challenge the exercise has been quite accurate. The reason why is that I was able to succeed to get the right card every time by taking steps I mentioned before. I knew it was not normal to hit the right answer like this with the high probability. But the last two option had 50% probability. When I had a slight doubt of it the probability settled 50% again. Thus, the authenticity of the theory of Mind is Matter increased.

“If I get rid of the doubt, I should be able to get it right?” With this in mind, I decided to exercise only once a day. The first day, I got it with one try. And controlled my desire to do it again. Again, the next day I got the right card. I remember my heart was lightened at that time. And I wasn’t really surprised with this result because of the past experiments. Then, the next day I tried again. And I got it again!! It was that easy. This meant that I succeeded three time consecutively! One in 7 three times means 1/343 probability! but wait, I haven’t done 300 exercise yet, so the probability isn’t that great. However, I was really excited about this result. I felt the real response to my challenge.

“It’s not accidental”, that’s what I sensed. I felt a huge relief and then tried the exercise with the same correct result again the next time. I vaguely remember I got it again and again 4 or 5 times consecutively. At this point I didn’t place too much value on Super Natural Power yet. All in all, I just wanted the proof of Mind is Matter.


I experimented so called “O Ring” a little bit. I tried on my wife and friends. And the result was so so. I took the result meant that you could do things that’s difficult in terms of your senses with any tools.


After experienced the phenomenon which couldn’t be explained in the normal probability, I challenged the psychokinesis next. I made something like paper mill and put it on the needle.
I tried to spin it without touching. “Nothing’s happening…” Nevertheless, I continued my exercise every day, 3 times a day. I spent days and days meditating, experimenting ESP and researching documents as if I were a monk. And 4 years had passed. I was desperate to be sure about Mind is Matter truly true.
I had an “Iron Will” from the time I was in high school. The doctor had to stop me from training because I overdid my tasks, and I got carpal tunnel on both of my hands by studying for college entrance exam. Because of that experience I would not give up on anything like this.
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I kept at it in the darker area for an hour or so. Gradually with my strong belief in mind, windmill started its movement slightly.
However, the doubt again arose.
Is it my breathing through my nostrils?
Is air moving in the room?
Are my hands causing air move?

These doubts quickly waned due to my past experiments. I was able to shift my thinking.
“It’s wasted of time to have any doubt.” And I kept exercising. Then finally, the windmill started spinning right before my eyes!! Whoa, it’s spinning, spinning!! My wife happened to be sitting by me. Her reaction? “Heh~?” is all she said. Well spiritual world didn’t interest her that much like I do. And this occurrence had a huge effect on my “normal”, “value” from the bottom.
Anyway, I tried to breathe and use my hands to spin the windmill because I still needed to make sure.
And it didn’t move at all. It shook a little but didn’t spin. No matter how I tried it didn’t spin. And it stopped after it spun a couple of times when I tried with force.

The fact it spun beautifully evenly right in front of my eyes shocked me. If I read this from the book I would have doubted. But I experienced it! Also, I was able to feel the different sensation while it spun and did not spin! This shocking experience helped me step further to search of the truth.

So then I thought that the articles about shaman who referred to the ritual for rain was true too.
I have to explain about the above-mentioned ritual by shaman.


A village folks came to a shaman and asked for the rain as they have been suffering from severe drought. Shaman asked them why they came to him. “Why you ask me? You should do it by yourselves.” But villagers didn’t believe they could do it and again they asked him. The shaman agreed to go with them but told them they should help themselves the next time. As promised this shaman came to the village. And he began the prayers with them. However, no rain. The villagers started fuss. The shaman said to them “there’s no one with umbrella because you already think there would be no rain. What you think truly matters.”
“There’s a difference between I and you to believe the rain comes or not.

Finally, I understood the meaning of his words.
Life is quite interesting if you search the truth from the doubtful self. I was deeply moved with this one answer after so many years of searching…

I continued my search and it urged me to find the answer if it’s at all possible to do anything with your thought. If it’s true, so called job, work would mean nothing.



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